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UK Aires is an online directory of all Motorhome Aires throughout the UK. When planning your journey it is always helpful to know where you can dispose of your rubbish, toilet/grey water and fill up your water tanks and know which Aires offer overnight parking and even electric hook up.

This website gives you a comprehensive list of every Aire in the UK and what is available.

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What is an Aire

An aire is a facility for motorhomes to replenish fresh water and empty grey and black water, sometimes there is an electric hookup available. Sometimes the facilities are provided free of charge, sometimes there is a fee of a few pounds.

Aires Verified Service

This is a place where you can normally dispose of your grey and toilet water and also fill up with fresh water, some of these aires also have electric hook-up. Please click on more information to locate a verified aire to use on your journey.

Aires Parking Verified

These are places where you can normally stay overnight, some of these are commonly known as motorhome stopovers and will let you stay free of charge if you patronise their business.

Aires Verified On Highways

Highway aires are generally motorway service stations which most of us at some time have used. In this section you will find a comprehensive list of every service station in the UK. An alternative is to click here for a comprehensive map.

Aires Camping Verified

These are normally camp sites that have aires for Motorhomes, normally just outside the campsites, however in some cases you are not able to use the facilities like showers and toilets but can get water
and on occasions get electric hook ups.

Latest News

This section takes you to our sister website UK Motorhome Travel where you can get all the latest news and views of other motorhomers. There is also a forum which you can join and share information with the motorhome community.

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If you offer Aires and do not appear on this site then click here and register your Aire, it’s completely free and we will include your details within 48 hours.

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